Plagues Of Prophecy – Her Coffins Kiss (Single)

Genre: Blackened Death Metal

Label: Independent

What do you get when you mix the technical side of Death, the mass appeal of Behemoth and the extreme vocal diversity of Stefan Fiori of Graveworm?

The answer: at least one of Plagues Of Prophecy’s song’s. This one is called, Her Coffins Kiss. And let me tell you, it’s three minutes and five second of soul scorching blackened death metal!

The song starts off a little jumbled (the guitars and drums are a tangled mess for the first twenty seconds or so) and ends the same way. But in between it all, it’s a classic. Half way through, we’re treated to an old-school heavy metal solo that’d make Glenn Tipton go, “Didn’t I write that?”

Overall: It’s only one song, so I wasn’t able to get a complete grasp on what Plagues Of Prophecy is trying to lay down. BUT, it’s still one hell of a wild ride, filled with some pretty amazing riffs and a torrent of tortured vocals! All packed inside a single track of blackened death madness!


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