IWrestledABearOnce – It’s All Happening

Genre: Fuck If I Know…
Century Media

And now, I finally get to answer the question that I’ve been asking for a couple of months now, IWrestledABearOnce: Over-hyped MySpace band or real deal? The answer: I have no idea.

This album sounds like it was recorded at the Mad-Hatter’s tea party! How the hell is one supposed to measure up “It’s All Happening” to other albums in it’s genre? By height? I don’t know. I can tell that the vocalist has no want to maintain the ability to speak for much longer, seeing how she abusing her throat like a Utah senator in a men’s room stall. While the complex riffs and over-the-top shredding are the main attraction, they sound soulless and, dare I say trendy. The synths are the only real enjoyable portion of this album. Clever additions and melodic interludes accent the songs to the point of almost listenability.

Long story short… what the fuck is going on here?

Overall: Post-modern mathcore for fans of crazy, mixed-up zombified hillbillies that play off-tune renditions of Dancing On The Ceiling on the sitar… if that sounded good to you, you won’t like this album. If that sounded like some sort of hell born torture, then “It’s All Happening” is right up your alley… I think.


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